Running a small business or even a startup is a daunting task, especially if you are short of expertise and resources. Luckily, several organisations are dedicated to helping fledgling enterprises get a solid footing and grow into viable businesses. Below is a list of organisations that support small businesses.

Federation of Small Businesses

FSB supports small businesses and startups to reach their goals. They provide financial services, entrepreneurial advice, networking, and legal support. Members are also free to compete for national awards that boost confidence and increase visibility. The organisation is powerful in political circles and can lobby the government to provide support infrastructure for small enterprises.

The U.K. Government

Small businesses are a hot topic in the current electoral campaigns, but the U.K. government has always demonstrated a commitment to promoting enterprise. The Gov.Uk website offers a wide range of business support services to small enterprises. They direct people about how to plan, research, access funding, and run a successful business. The website also provides guidelines on how to rent or lease property and the provisions of employment law.

National Enterprise Network

NEN is a nationwide network of entrepreneurs whose members support small businesses with both training and infrastructural facilities. They provide core services to startups such as office space, capital, and research to help them establish. Some affiliate groups, such as EDBS incubate startups while others like BIZL Ltd, help small businesses develop business plans and access credit facilities. Budding entrepreneurs can visit their site and determine the potential partners who are most suited to their business needs.

Prince’s Trust Enterprise Program

Prince’s Trust supports youthful entrepreneurs aged 13 to 30. It helps small business owners to set up and flourish by supporting them with mentorship, infrastructure, and financial resources. Business owners can access the resources available on the site, including advice on marketing and tax compliance.